Attraction of investments

Attraction of investments is one of the major factors of successful development of business. Shortage of financial resources can not only hinder company development, but also completely paralyse its work. The project financing can become one of methods of attraction of investments. Before starting to attend to attraction of investments, it is necessary to prepare the qualitative business plan. Under the business plan the investor will evaluate, whether it is necessary to carry out an investment of money in your design. Therefore without the good business plan will involve investments difficult enough. And nbsp; business the plan will help you to understand and define the optimal methods and methods of attraction of investments. But not only the good business plan will help you to involve investments -   for the investor how you will carry on negotiations and how much your plan will be important will be interesting and convincing.

Attraction of investments is carried out in the basic two methods: or through share buying in an authorised capital stock, or through debt decor. In case of the former the investor becomes the shareholder and the co-owner of the company, in the second - the creditor. Sometimes simply use the loan agreement that allows to avoid licensing and does not get under treatment of banking. Financial and strategic investors carry out investments in the first method - through buying of a share or enterprise shares. Financial investors carry out an investment of money for a certain space of time, 4-5 years are routine, and consider already taken place companies. The main objective of the financial investor - to minimise scratches at certain level of yield, and after the lapse of the financing period - to sell the share, but is more narrow for other money. The size of a share in an authorised capital stock has no crucial importance for the financial investor. The strategic investor, opposite to aspire to receive the maximum share in business. As a rule strategic investors aspire to participate actively in management of the company and term of their sharing is limited to nothing. Strategic investors act as partners in business and frequently the company involving the investments and the company of the strategic investor closely related.

Attraction of investments through debt financing occurs by reception of long credits and bond issue. The bond market is not too developed yet, and long credits in bank not too simply to receive, to especially beginning business. Banks prefer to finance the stable and predicted companies which have developed in the market and do not attend to venture financing. Therefore at the initial stage attraction of investments with individual share in a company capital more approaches. And when the company will rise on feet, it is possible to manufacture shares or bonds. Venture investments represent a method of attraction of investments for the big term without guarantors and the lien. The private investors, ready to place own money in the design which has pleasant to them attend to venture investments. Many large companies began the business with venture investments. Venture investors like to risk, but also return from venture investments should be huge. Therefore venture investors actively participate in a business management.


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