Investment bank

The investment bank is the bank specialising on intermediate term and long-term investments in the small and medium companies. Investment bank - a financial institution specialising on operations with long-term investments, mainly in sphere of creation of a new fixed capital. Investment bank - "intermediary" between the corporation-emitter manufacturing a security, and equity market.

For typical investment bank following functions are characteristic:

• Security trading
• the Offer of brokerage services to private and institutional investors
• Services in merges and absorption
• Financial analytics and researches in interests of investors and corporations

Merges and absorption for the investment bank working in the country with the developed financial market, become often enough the basic sphere of profit taking.

Investment bank activity at realisation of merges and absorption can be subdivided into following components:

• consulting activity by definition of an optimum alternative of re-structuring of business;
• attraction of financial resources for realisation of merges and absorption;
• accumulation in the market of large blocks of shares by request of the client (buying of large packages), sale of large packages;
• re-structuring of the separate company and sale of its parts;
• development and realisation of effective protection of the client from absorption.

Security trading

The this kind of activity is defined, how external in view of possibility directly to sell brokerage services, that is services in buying and sale of securities.
At the same time activity on security trading also is carried out as the tool of maintenance of investment banking (sale of placed securities) and activity on asset management (buying and sales of securities in the course of investment portfolio re-structuring). Thus in the developed financial markets security trading is understood not simply as process of the conclusion of bargains of the purchase/sale of securities, and realisation of the difficult trading and arbitration strategy consisting as from set of simple bargains of the purchase/sale, so of more difficult bargains.
The organisation of security trading within the limits of investment bank or large investment trust company - separate sphere of business and a science, having the difficult laws and technologies. It is a kind of activity which has market participants first of all. In most cases large market participants have hi-tech enough divisions attending to trading operations with securities.

List of the largest investment banks

* ABN Amro
* Allianz (Dresdner Kleinwort)
* Banco Santander (Santander Global Banking AND Markets)
* Bank of America (Banc of America Securities)
* BG Capital (part of Bank of Georgia Group)
* BNP Paribas
* Bank of Montreal (BMO Capital Markets)
* Barclays (Barclays Capital)
* BBH (Brown Brothers Harriman)
* Calyon
* CIBC (CIBC World Markets)
* Citigroup
* Credit Suisse
* Deka Bank
* Deutsche Bank
* ESN European Secutities Network
* Eurohypo
* Fortis Bank
* Global Financial Services
* ING Group
* JPMorgan Chase (JPMorgan Securities, Inc.)
* Kaupthing Bank
* KBC Bank (KBC Financial Products)
* KeyCorp (KeyBanc Capital Markets)
* Kotak Mahindra Bank (Kotak Mahindra Investment Banking)
* LAMP Investment Bankers
* Landsbanki
* Lloyds TSB Group Plc (Wholesale and International Banking)
* Macquarie Bank
* Mizuho Financial Group (Mizuho Corporate Bank)
* Monte dei Paschi di Siena (MPS Finance)
* Natixis
* Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. (Nomura Securities Co.)
* Rabobank
* RHB Banking Group
* Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS Global Banking AND Markets)
* Royal Bank of Canada (RBC Capital Markets)
* Scotiabank (Scotia Capital)
* Société Générale
* Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD Securities)
* Troika Dialog
* Unicredit (Unicredit Group)
* Universalis Capital
* Wachovia (Wachovia Securities)
* Wells Fargo (Wells Fargo Securities)


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