Foreign investments

Foreign investments are of great importance for any country. Advantage of foreign investments before internal is that circumstance that together with foreign investments it is possible to receive new technologies, workings out and a know-how. Basically foreign investments act as additional investments to already available internal investments.

Foreign investments into the elementary kind represent buying shares or bonds of the foreign company. Frequently the foreign investor aspires to manufacture absorption or merge to the foreign company. The problem of any investor - to get the maximum profit at the minimum scratches. Therefore foreign investments flow in those countries where good conditions for foreign investments in the field of the legislation, warranties of the rights of investors, stability of a national economy etc. are created.

Foreign investments are divided into the state investment and private investments. The state foreign investments are carried out by the government of this or that country and controlled by norms of international law. Private investments carry out the private companies. Today foreign investments are directed to different market segments which are financially favourable.


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