Financial instruments

Financial instruments - diverse kinds of a market product of the financial nature; securities, liabilities, currency, futures, options, etc.

Financial instrument - any contract which result is appearance of the certain article in assets of one party to a contract and the article in liabilities of other party to a contract. Distinguish tools of a money market or tools of the market of capitals.

Derivative financial instruments - the financial instruments generating the rights and the responsibilities, which performance conducts to transfer from one party of a financial instrument to other of one or more financial risks inherent in a basic financial instrument. Derivative financial instruments have the result no transfer of a basic financial instrument at a stage of the conclusion of the agreement, and such transfer not necessarily takes place after agreement term.

Capital market financial instruments - obligations, as a rule, short-term (less than one year), for example exchequer obligations, the state short bonds, commercial bills, banker's acceptances which are manufactured in discount sale and do not switch on an interest on loan capital.


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