Long-term investments

Long-term investments represent often enough financial investment of the various companies for reception of the constant income for a long time. Routinely long-term investments are carried out for term more than a year. Often enough long-term investments take a space of time of 3-5 years.

As a rule, the investors doing financial investments in long-term investments prefer small, but the stable and constant income. Long-term investments do not yield a short-term gain. It is favourable to attend to long-term investments during the moment when shares of the enterprises are underestimated. Having purchased the underestimated assets at the moment of market droop, on them it is possible to earn well in long-term prospect. For long-term investors financial crisis plays into the hands, as during the moments of crises and droops in the market, it is possible to acquire favourably securities of the good companies which price has dropped together with the market.

Routinely long-term investments divide into financial and real long-term investments. Financial long-term investments are financial placements in securities or other financial instruments for more than one year. Revalnye long-term investments are financial investments in business, i.e. in permanent assets, buildings, structures, the equipment, ground etc.


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