Investment policy

The investment policy is a part of the economic policy spent by the state and the enterprises in the form of an establishment of structure and scales of investments, definitions of directions of their use, reception sources with allowance for necessities of updating of permanent assets and increase of their technological level. The investment policy is a policy of the investments oriented on achievement of definite purposes (safety, high profits, possibility of constant possession a cash etc.).

The investment policy is connected often with a financial policy. A financial policy - set of purposeful actions with use of financial relations (finance). The Financial policy assumes an establishment of the purposes and means of achievement of objects in view. A financial policy - set of the state actions for use of financial relations for fulfilment by the state of the functions.

Financial policy problem is:

1. Maintenance of conditions for formation of the greatest possible financial resources;
2. An establishment rational from the point of view of the state of distribution and use of financial resources;
3. The organisation of regulation and stimulation of economic and social processes by financial methods;
4. Development of the financial mechanism and its development according to changed purposes and strategy problems;
5. Creation of effective and as much as possible business control system by the finance. In the course of financial policy realisation especially important maintenance of its interrelation with other components of economic policy - credit, price, monetary.

The estimation of results of a financial policy of the state is based on its conformity to interests of company and the majority of its social groups, and also on the reached results following from objects in view and problems. The important component of a financial policy - an establishment of the financial mechanism with which help there is a realisation of all activity of the state in the field of the finance.


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