Stock exchange

The stock exchange is a place where there is a security trading. The most known stock exchange is NYSE - the New York stock exchange. Stock exchanges are more than in 60 countries of the world. In Germany - 7 stock exchanges, in Japan - 8 stock exchanges.

The stock exchange dominant role - to serve movement of capitals. At stock exchange a spare cash concentrates and there is a financing. Also here the prices for various financial instruments and securities are positioned. Members of stock exchange are dealers who are intermediaries and stock brokers who are nominated by exchange committee attend to purchase and sale of securities, and. The exchange committee defines rules of security trading and supposes securities to sale. Except stock exchanges is also a street market of securities which sometimes reaches significances of 20 %.

The basic securities which are served at stock exchanges it is public bonds, shares and derivative securities. For the company to achieve that its shares were quoted at stock exchange it is necessary to have good reputation. To quotations at stock exchange those securities which correspond to certain requests and stock exchange regulations are supposed only. Stock exchanges use special market indexes which reflect a state of affairs in equity market within the limits of stock exchange. The most known is the Dow Jones average. Stock exchanges can be in a real and electronic kind. For example the New York stock exchange places in a certain building, and NASDAQ exists only in electronic form.


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