Trade in shares

Trade in shares basically occurs at stock exchanges. To purchase or sell shares it is possible by means of the broker who is rendering service on a capital market. The broker represents itself as the intermediary at trade in shares and other securities. The investor entrusts with the broker to purchase or sell shares at exchange, and that in turn reports on fulfilment of bargains. Trade in shares occurs by means of electronic trading platforms.

Trade in shares at exchange has a high share of risks as in itself investments into shares are subject to high scratches. Not the professional player on equity market can lose all money. To reduce a share of risks at trade in the shares, many make the competent investment portfolio containing the shares of the various companies with a different degree of risk. Routinely, the above profit at trade in shares, the above and scratches on them. Therefore much 5 companies recommend to buy shares at least. Some investors and speculators on fast-growing shares earn on 1000 % annual.

At successful trade in shares the investor secures the profit, from which it is necessary to pay the tax to the income. The income of trade in shares is defined by a difference between initial investments into purchase of securities and the received income of stock trading minus costs for broker service and services of the keeper of securities. At trade in shares investors use different strategy. The most favourable is long-term strategy when shares are purchased on time wide interval - one - two years. Especially when the market constantly grows. Thus it is not required the highest qualification and constant keeping track of by share quotations. The stock value constantly grows in short-term prospect or drops, but in the long-term long-term growth is observed. The only thing, not at all is a spare cash which can be enclosed on couple of years in the share and not to use them. Those who use short-term strategy at trade in shares - buy shares at the moment of droop in the market on a low price and sell shares during the moment when the market is on lifting and the stock value is high.

Recently it is possible to trade in shares on equity markets through the Internet. It is enough to place money for electronic exchange and by means of modern technologies it is possible to attend to trade in shares.


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