The Internet trading

The Internet trading is a security trading through the Internet. Thanks to the Internet, being worldwide it is possible to purchase and close position, operate the bill, to receive consultations and to make bargains on a capital market. For this purpose it is enough to position the special program on the computer or the laptop and to open the bill at the broker.

The Internet trading is the fastest and most simple method of fulfilment of bargains at stock exchange - conclusion of the transaction thanks to Internet trading is carried out for some seconds. Now the Internet trading in Europe and the USA became a commonplace to which each housewife can attend. Thanking the Internet to trading on equity markets the considerable quantity of small investors has directed. The modern software allows to trade at several exchanges simultaneously, besides some systems can be adjusted so that trade occurs completely automatically.

Process the trading Internet occurs as follows: the trader creates a bid or sale of certain shares, indicates their quantity and a desirable acquisition price or sales. The demand departs through the Internet on exchange where it is automatically compared to other demands if the counter demand is, there is a bargain. If the counter demand is not present - there is an expectation while the counter demand will not occur.

Systems the trading Internet allow to operate the discretionary account through any connection to the Internet: on a dedicated line, by means of a mobile phone or through the usual telephone modem. If you have decided to attend the Internet to trading, special attention give to a choice of the broker company and the software for work at exchange.


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The Internet trading


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