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For a long time already there was such opinion that distinctions between languages this annoying hardle in a culture path, and studying of languages - inevitable harm of any education. Comes to to nobody mind that language - means for understanding of the people which on him speaks, or writer who on him writes is not simple. From here - wrong propensity to evaluate importance of language depending on perfection of its literature, a defiance to languages, literatures not so not having, and a perverse technique of training to language, at which efforts are directed on understanding products of writers.

Languages of nations of the world

Language, and not only language in general, but each language separately, even the poorest and rough, in itself and for itself is the subject deserving the most steadfast judgement. Language it is not simple, as it is accepted to speak, a replica of ideas of the people as the set of its signs does not allow to find out any ideas existing separately from it; language is the incorporated spiritual energy of the people wonderfully embodied in certain sounds, in this shape and through interrelation of the sounds clear all telling and exciting in them about identical energy. The person all does not keep within borders of the language; it is more than that it is possible to express in words; but he should conclude the imperceptible spirit in words to fasten it something, and to use words as a support for that achievement that leaves for their frameworks. Different languages are completely not various designations of the same thing, and its various visions; And if this thing is not an external world subject, each [telling] in own way creates it, finding in it smoothly so much the, how much it is necessary to capture and accept in itself another's thought. Languages are hieroglyphs in which the person makes the peace and the imagination; thus that the world and the imagination constantly creating a pattern behind a pattern under laws of similarity, remain as a whole invariable, languages by itself develop, become complicated, extend. Through variety of languages for us riches of the world and variety of open that we learn in him; and human life for us becomes wider, as languages in distinct and effective lines yield us various methods of thinking and perception. Language always personifies an originality of the whole people, therefore in him it is not necessary to be afraid neither refinement, nor surplus of imagination as which someone considers undesirable. If we make through into depths of their secrets, the fresh jet of unfading imagination of other people concluding each impression which the young world gives to their not become dull feelings, in a cover of a live and mobile image rushes into our dry reasonableness.

Studying of languages of the world is also a world history of thoughts and feelings of mankind. It should describe people of all countries and all degrees of cultural development; everything should enter into it, as to the person.

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