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English language in the USA

The English-speaking majority in the USA inhomogeneously by origin. In this country occupied by natives of the different countries, the ideology of "dissolution boiler" until recently dominated. Was considered that any person irrespective of an origin, but at one severe constraint can become the American, it should take possession completely of uniform American culture, including English language. Till now the medium American considers that it is possible to succeed in the USA, only well knowing English language, and the people who completely have not passed to English, there is not enough cultural urn.

English language in the USA

In 50th of XX century at the American schools of pupils punished for speech not in English, and now at schools for newcomers in the country for a phrase on a native language fine. The majority of children and almost all grandsons of immigrants (except for Spanish-speaking Latin Americans) in the USA do not know languages of ancestors. Even the voluntary knowledge of two languages is propagated less often, than in other developed countries: Americans have got used that in any country they can address to the interlocutor in English directly or through the translator. Rough administrative measures of imposing of English language in the USA were never popular (officially existence in this country of a state language is not fixed), but the ideology of "dissolution boiler" has effectively replaced them. However now this ideology starts to give way to submission about an equivalence of all cultures and languages, about necessity them to save.

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