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The Relation of Frenchmen to the language


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The relation of Frenchmen to the language

Frenchmen eulogise, protect and "process" the native language very much for a long time. In 1635 the French academy which has laid down to itself the aim to make the dictionary, grammar, rhetoric and poetics of the French language has been created.

Modern citizens of France are simply enamoured in a native language, is live it are interested, willingly discuss among themselves the various language phenomena, have houses explanatory dictionaries of the French language. In the largest newspapers, in the most influential journals and telecasts there are the constant headings devoted to the French language. To language problems quite often attend and at the governmental level...

Countries Frankofonie

In France publish a large quantity of books about language: grammar, textbooks, diverse dictionaries (encyclopaedias of the French language, dictionaries of new, rare, difficult words and expressions, slangy, colloquial words etc.) which are intended not only for experts, but also for laymen, and also for foreigners studying the French language.

Frenchmen are very attentive to that, their language in the world is how much popular, and use the best efforts that maximal people studied it in the different countries. So to be trained in the French language it is possible in more than 1250 branches Alliance Fransez (this organisation exists since 1883).

Aboriginals of France not so like to learn another's languages, but they very much appreciate, when foreigners have a talk with them in French, and, for example, not in English.

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