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Hebrew - language of Jews

The Hebrew - ancient and the modern language of Jews. The word a Hebrew means "Jewish" (a noun language in a feminine gender Hebrew). Why this language do not name simply Jewish how speak, for example, English, instead of an English?

The matter is that in the Middle Ages when the Hebrew was dead language and it was used only in the literature and divine service, at Jews of the different countries has arisen more than ten new spoken languages: a Yiddish, a Ladino, etc. to distinguish from them the Bible classic language, it named the Hebrew. However in XX century when the Hebrew became again a living language, the attachment drevne - in its name began look a little strange. Therefore the term a Hebrew which Israelis name the language is now accepted.

the Hebrew Alphabet

The Hebrew belongs to Semitic group of languages. Except a Hebrew into this group enter Arabian, a number of classic languages (Akkadian - it assiro-Babylon, Phoenician, Aramaic) and some other.

The Alphabet which is used in a Hebrew, has arisen and has propagated among the Semitic people of Syria and Palestin to the middle of II millenium BC It is the very first alphabet on ground. It consists of 22 letters designating consonants. For example, the Russian word the house which has been written down by a principle ancient Semitic of the letter, would look so: dm. And the precisely same two letters it should to write down the form of plural of the house, and so of a word of ladies, a thought etc. Only the Greeks borrowing this alphabet at Phoenicians, have entered into the alphabet special letters for a designation of vowel sounds. As to the Jewish letter here public steels to represent much later by means of special superior and interlinear badges. It is necessary to tell, these badges and are used presently only in bible texts, textbooks, dictionaries and books for children.

The Hebrew History totals more than 3 thousand years. In this time the Hebrew, of course, was hardly changed.

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