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Male and female languages

In Japan language versions on which speak men and women, hardly differ from each other. As a pronoun of 1st man's face use a word boku , impossible for women, Japanese name themselves vatasy . All set of interjections and exclamatory particles at men and women is absolutely distinguished. The Japanese women for more elegance of speech add almost to each noun a polite attachment about-; men of so do only in strictly certain cases ordered by etiquette.

the Text in the Japanese language

For example, tags ("letter") with an attachment about - the man use, if it is a question of the letter of any dear person, but women about any letter, even about the letter of children, will tell o-tags. In Japan, as well as at us, in a kindergarten and first classes of school children deal routinely with women (but almost all teachers of the senior classes of the man). Therefore boys involuntarily adopt a female version of language, and they should be retrained then.

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