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What is colour of money ? Each country has own currency, as a rule it is coins and paper moneys. Paper moneys are produced with use of various colour threads of safety, woven through a paper to prevent potential counterfeiters. At watermarks and colour ink absolutely same problem. The patterns, the are more difficult less possibly that someone can issue the duplicate, for the first copy.

In the United States, the first paper moneys have been printed in the State of Massachusetts in 1690. Remaining a colony of British Empire currency has been manufactured in pounds, instead of in dollars. The yield of the first paper dollars has taken place in 1760th Besides, it was even before finding of independence by America, therefore the dollar exchange rate actual value remains rather uncertain. The congress of the USA has officially allowed issue of paper moneys in 1861, and the president the Lincoln has based the Secret service in 1865 which main objective was to track down counterfeiters.

5 US dollars
As to currency of the USA, the denomination face side is printed by mainly black ink, and turnaround - ink of green colour. It has led to that the American money began to name "green". Other countries use complementary colours of ink, and not just green and black, in a seal of the paper moneys. Before euro appearance, it was interesting to travel across Europe and to have control over money of the different countries, from francs France to Italian liras.

Since 1990 the government of the United States has added new methods of protection for paper denominations of denomination from $5 to $100 to prevent use of colour photocopiers at counterfeiters. For example, at a microseal, for a naked eye, the printed words, are so small that look as straight lines. At their increase it is possible to see phrases, such as "United States of America".

The Old currency less advanceed in the technological plan, will leave in the issue a turn-over, and will be replaced on new with the Federal Reserve System.

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