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Children should have the money to learn them to operate. children's money should precipitate out regularly, in necessary quantity and should not be adhered to the regular problems required of the child. At decision-making on the size of the evolved sum, it is necessary to discuss, what questions to it will be covered. The quantity of children's money should be enough that the child could cope with fulfilment of conditions.

Money should not be used as discipline, for example, only for good estimations or for fulfilment of house responsibilities. If money is used thus, the child receives submission that all has the price. And money should not be used for buying of love or for replacement of parental dialogue.

Both children, and parents should show consideration for use of children's money very much. Necessarily praise the child at correct and rational expenditure of the money. Let the child knows, when it correctly operates the sum of money. Remember that the child studies on errors.

Money and children
Supervise over the child advices, without dictatorship. Avoid to direct each step costs of the child. Critical supervision can make its restless concerning money and less confident their management. Be flexible.

Parents should acquaint children with the general condition of finances of a family. If there is no money for things which children you should explain why and to present accessible alternatives want. Help the child to understand, as adults, and children, cannot have everything that they want. Requirements and desires can be reached within the limits of available resources.

Remember that each child differs the temperament, development, learning capability and to the approach to money. Children of one age can be absolutely various in the feelings to money and in the abilities to operate them.

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