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Though I always was the supporter of a healthy dream in a life of people, it what I not in a condition was to make for myself many long years. I know the people most devoted to the trade who had awfully bad relations with a dream.

I know, how some chiefs expect from the employees of abstention from a dream in accounting periods of year when presence on work is required almost twenty four hours a day. I had a boss who, even during quiet times, worked often in the office twenty hours per day and slept behind a table the remained four hours. It was many years ago, but I will not be surprised, if it such remained till now.

Researches have proved for a long time already advantages high-grade a dream , on seven, eight hours every day. The person receiving a high-grade night dream looks well. Any who is interested in reception money , should be interested and in seeming more attractive to others because special researches have shown that the looking well, attractive person earns more money.

Money in the sleep
Within the last several years, working on two works, I was unable live on the philosophy - importance of a dream of complete night. However today I of so divide my own hours devoted only for designs on which I wish to work that I manage to get enough sleep well.

I do not think that I should force to be awake myself to construct successful business. Actually, it seems to me that better ideas come, only when my brain feels well had a rest. First of all the dream is advantage for health and if at you circles under eyes disappear and you become more attractive to others, it will help you to earn more money.

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