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Money becomes all are ugly, whether not so? You have paid attention to the new 100-dollar note? Now it most likely the ugliest stepson in a family of the American currency.

And at the same time, it is good news. Ugly new money - the bright, irritating colours gloomy divided by utilitarian strips of safety - is difficult for copying. The exchequer of the USA is in a constant arms race with counterfeiters. I think that by 2040, we will use currency so ugly that it begins to call visual frustration, and people will be compelled to use bandages when will start to check delivery in grocery shop.

New hundred dollars
On the other hand, we do not use so a lot of currency so that, maybe, that all is vanity. In theory, the forged money calls only easy inflation. In practice quantity of the currency used in the United States few for counterfeit production, making a little real impact on the prices, these days, new money form not from a press, and from electronic bills of banks and the Federal Reserve System.

Than actually transfer of a small amount of incomes of the federal government for counterfeiters is? Anticapitalists can mind that all and should be - that the monopoly of the federal government on issue of new money is illegal. But a main conclusion is that the trivial loss from counterfeiters cannot remove national American currency a laughing-stock.

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