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You know how to begin the business on another's money , without paying in percent on the credit? And without reverting any credits actually. Money that your new enterprise functioned are necessary to you, but you have not enough of them or own money absolutely is not present. So, what to do?

You go on a meeting with several rich friends, we will admit them there can be five persons, represent the idea and ask them, whether they wish to risk the money in quality with-partners or we will tell founders. You emphasise a word "risk". You do not appeal for another's money on credit, do not promise to settle up with debts. Five friends are going there will be co-owners of business together with you, in other words, they shareholders in informal sense. If business is successful, each of them will earn to itself a proportional share of profit. If business is not possible, each is forgiven with the money.

Another's money
Yield we will assume that your idea is reasonable, and you the good interlocutor. Each friend puts $10000 so that there is a young company with the capital in $50000. Each of friends informally receives one share. You also receive one share though in the company another's money are placed only. The agreement is that you will earn the share, performing all work, developing idea first of all. You the person of idea and the chief of work (it is possible, unique). Your five friends, having a full time at the order, will not participate in a business management. They play a role of venture capitalists.

Thus, you are in business, with your small company and six shareholders by means of another's money. From this point on you will collect the one sixth part of net profit if that is available.

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