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Ordinary pupils who leave high school, have no financial literacy and they do not have not enough elementary skills of management personal money . Many students do not understand the basic financial concepts connected with earnings, costs, savings and investment. As a result, at many young men, at the first experience of management by personal money errors are formed, they not in a condition to correct themselves, study only a trial and error method.

According to the American Minister of Education: "Our purpose in education Department to carry out the problem of education of each child set by the president in our comprehensive schools so that any child has not been left behind. Not only that all skills necessary for success at school learn to read, write and learn them-... They also should know special skills to succeed in a life and one of the most important skills for their success the knowledge of is how to operate money".

Personal money
The department has published the report which identifies various variants of inclusion of financial education at schools. Some of these variants, including financial education, in standards positioned for comprehensive schools. The education department calls publishers of textbooks, to switch on in the contents more than financial education, and also pays attention of teachers to importance of financial education.

The matter is that the increasing number of young men, grow today, without necessity of understanding of money as bases. Attend to training of your students to use of money, supplying thus an interesting method to reinforce and other basic skills, such as the mathematician and the literature. Teaching and training about money should not be simply separate part of the curriculum. So that begin training of children to the circulation with personal money as early as possible.

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