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Though we always think of the price for things from the point of view of money, we seldom muse of cost of money. Money, in long run, it only a convenient medium of exchange that does a life much easier, than barter by the goods. And the same as and in the past we have something, than we can pay for work, time and intellectual efforts to receive chicken we changed them for a flour, the same it is possible to tell about money and today. Add to this list of payments moral compromises which we are sometimes inclined to offer for money, and we see that, really, is about what to think in an establishment the prices of money . Let's begin since. What can you for thirty dollars at an o'clock make in the life? Certainly, it depends on the moral party of a question, all of us have actions with which we enjoy or what we hate. Here character of a physical activity removes the equation. I could look films for 15 dollars at an o'clock, but should attend to digging of ditches.

Also there are intellectual efforts which we sell for money. The intellectual forces in thing which are interesting to us are glad to give vent to the majority of us, but happens very difficult to concentrate on other subjects. I never could be the accountant, for example, though it just the same intellectual labour, as a writing of books and creation of web sites. Now a rigid question: In what damage it is possible to evaluate your basic moral values? The price of money which have paid in moral compromises, whether it is theoretically necessary? And I should recognise, if me will ask, I could steal money, if it is really necessary for my survival (or for a survival of people which I love), I would answer: Yes!

I had an impression that we, as a rule, pay too the heavy price for money, forgetting, about ultimate goals. Anybody actually does not require money for the own blessing. It only a method to interchange them on a foodstuff, travel, medicine. We consider money as the tool, and we will pay only that price which makes sense to pay in the light of that is really necessary for us and it would be desirable.

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