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In 1828 Russian government has begun stamping of platinum money. Platinum deposits have been opened in the Ural mountains of Russia, Demidov's grounds and the general great value to this deposit has not been attached. As speak, swindlers simply covered an ingot of platinum with a gold shallow layer to sell it, as sound gold. Between 1828 and 1845 years, the government of Russia has begun stamping of platinum coins for the sum more $1300000, coins of denomination in three, six and twelve rubles have been manufactured. These coins comprised about two percent of impurities - a rare element known as iridium which reminds platinum, but was much more fragile and fragile.

Twelve rubles platinum
The platinum having a market value approximately on third more than gold, has appeared unadapted for monetary policy objectives for the several reasons. Metal walks around colour on some simple metals and consequently it is easily forged. Its heat of fusion does stamping enough the expensive. Besides platinum bargains with swings over in the price. The Soviet Russia tried to manufacture platinum coins in 1930, but has soon refused them for the same reasons. The French government used in due course a platinum alloy, for strengthening of gold and silver coins. Within approximately thirty years the platinum price has grown with $16 to $105 for ounce, and the French government has urgently replaced platinum coins for the purpose of restoration of valuable metals. In itself platinum extremely pliable and a plastic material - the troy ounce of metal can be extended in a strand in length more than ten thousand kilometres.

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