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The Slot machine is an entertaining slot machine in a casino, with three or more barrels stopped by pressing the button. Slot machines, also are known as one-armed gangsters because originally they coped the lever on the car party (one hand), and for the button on the forward panel, and because of their ability to keep the player without a groschen (gangster). Many modern cars inherit till now the lever in addition to the button.

Slot machines switch on the detector of currencies which checks coins or notes offered for game. The principle of action of the automatic machine on money is presented on the basis of change of drawings displayed in car forefront, at their complete stop. Modern computer technologies have made many variations under concept of a slot machine. Slot machines of the most popular gamblings in a casino are very popular and make about 70 percent from a casino average yield.

the One-armed gangster
The person, acquires the right to play, inserting coins, notes, or special paper tickets with a stroke-code, in intended for this purpose a crack by the car. The automatic machine is activated by means of the lever or the button, and by new cars, by pressing the touchsensitive panel. Game creates illusion of skill of the participant while the unique purpose of game - passion is more often. The problem of the person consists in winning against the car money. Game routinely is corresponding drawings, or on mechanical barrels which staying should show abreast one or several symbols, or on modelled barrels represented on the video screen. Symbols, as a rule, bright and easily recognised, such as the plotting of fruit, figures or letters, and simple forms, such as bells, brilliants or hearts; on new video-automatic machines animated characters of cartoon films and the plotting of popular actors or singers are used.

The various advantageous combinations of symbols often placed on face side of the car have the Majority of games. If at the player the advantageous combination according to game rules drops out, the slot machine pays ready money or other sort values, such as additional games.

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