Blue cruise of Turkey

Blue cruise

Present itself on the yacht going along Turkish coast of Mediterranean sea, walk near to ancient marble sculptures, infinite tunnels of underground cities, bathing in warm and crystal-clear ocean water, over ruins of the sunk cities... In simple words: this kind of holiday - the best method to spend your time in Turkey. blue Cruise - the present rest as coming along beautiful coast of Turkey and investigating set of coils, you escape from routine and daily cares.

Blue Cruise is the term used for the description of travel on Egejsky and Mediterranean coast of Turkey, in the constructed traditionally, wooden boat constructed traditionally named "Goulette" or "gullet". These small vessels in Bodrum are under construction. They have those ancient wooden boats which floated on Egejsky and Mediterranean seas during thousand years in the heritage, attending to fishery and trade.

Blue Cruise is a unique adventure which will lead you to magic of myths of three millenia, weakening rest under the sun, a bathing in turquoise, crystal-clear water, and possibility to try a dish of the Turkish cuisine, prepared of fresh fish. You can choose a cruise route before buying. Usually, daily duration of cruise no more than 3-4 hours, and the rest of day can be made in a magnificent coil enjoying the sun and a sea. It is possible to sunbathe on a deck, to bathe in water alone, to attend to a scuba diving, surfing, a water ski or simply to fish. Dropping an anchor in a coil and making excursions by the wild nature, visiting nearby villages and communicating with local residents, only in the middle of such idyll, you can feel a touch of the nature and history. In Blue cruise, the majority of places which you visit have a rich cultural and historical heritage: Hilt, Didim, Jassos, the World and Kaunos, «Cleopatra's beach», the archaeological rests of ancient civilisations.

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