Extreme tourism

Extreme tourism

Extreme tourism means by itself tourism through dangerous places (mountains, jungle, deserts, caves etc.) or tourism with dangerous situations. Extreme tourism occurs from extreme sports. Main appeal of extreme tourism - "adrenaline exhaust", basically is called by an element of danger and differs from compulsion and professionalism degree.

Extreme tourism types popularity in the countries of the former Soviet Union (Russia, Ukraine, Armenia etc.) and in the countries of the South America, such as Peru, Chile and Argentina more and more. Mountain areas of the north of Pakistan also develop structure of extreme tourism.

If investments into hotels, roads are necessary for traditional tourism, etc. that, extreme tourism requires much less than monetary injections to start business. In addition to traditional travel, there are directions with various exotic adventures submergence under ice in the White sea or travel on the Chernobyl zone, for example, is offered.

Adventures and extreme tourism, extreme sports, productive leisure acquire recently the increasing popularity to that promote stabilisation of political and economic processes in the country. Besides, businessmen who daily interfere with with problems in their commercial activity, search for a yield for the energy, including it effective clearing of stress.

Demand for adventures and extreme tourism have led to the numerous web resources intended to make it easier and more conveniently for those who is interested in a rest zone in Russia and abroad. Many web sites offer adventure tourism as a method of studying of history and culture of the country or assistance of realisation of a healthy way of life.

There are many kinds of extreme tourism, basic of which mountaineering, a cycle tourism, automobile tours, horse tourism, mountain-skiing tourism, a safari (a jeep-safari, a safari on snowmobiles), boating, rafting and a canoe are.

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