Rest on the nature

Rest on the nature

Rest on the nature or in the open air is a kind of leisure to which can attend in the street, in a natural environment. As examples the pedestrian tourism, driving on a bicycle, a camping, driving on a canoe can serve, the speleology, fishing, riding, hunting, driving on kayaks, mountaineering, parks of adventures, rock-climbing, run, floating, skis, surfing, etc. can concern rest on the nature also game in a command kind of the sports, occurring in the open air.

Sports rest on the nature is connected with physical and social satisfaction which takes root to people. Purposeful actions in the open air bring, mainly physical advantage though they also can be intellectually, emotionally and spiritually useful. In the open air, physical and social installations satisfy to requirements of physical health, self-sufficiency, risk, building of social communications, and requirements of their achievement (such, as strengthening of difficult skills, firmness and endurance testing). In the open air environment in which people "show is created, on what they are capable".

Increase of internal perception or a spiritual life arises through actions in the open air and open activity, such as nature studying, aesthetic contemplation, meditation, painting, a photo, archaeological and historical researches, studying of culture of the radical people and others. These kinds of activity also can be physically useful.

Many people in a modern civilisation, consider that value of the nature is only in it of "utilitarian value" (useful use). This point of view "the nature eternal value" depreciates itself. Rest in the open air to be carried out also for a pacification on the nature, pleasures by a life and relaxations. It acts as alternative to expensive kinds of tourism.

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Rest on the nature

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