The snow resort

the Snow resort

The Mountain-skiing (snow) resort is intended for skiing and for other winter kinds of sports. In Europe mounting skiing resorts place in cities or villages of mountain areas where there are ski lines and support services, such as hotels, restaurants, hire of the equipment and system of lifts. In the North America it the more general concept for the ski resorts existing far from cities, and the term mountain-skiing is used for a resort often specially constructed for mountain skiing which is an activity principal view. The term - a skiing lodge, is used in Europe, on ski objects which are not possessed near to a city or village.

Ski snow descents routinely have one or several lifts for moving of skiers to tops of hills, and for connection of various lines. Bugelnye lifts also can be used on short slopes. The big ski descents can use gondolas or air trams for transportation on longer distances within all snow descent.

Some ski resorts offer housing accommodation variants on slopes of the descents, with ski tracks which allow visitors to be driven on skis directly to a door. Mounting skiing resorts have often also other kinds of activity, such as driving on snowmobiles, driving on sledge, horse sledge, dog teams, skating, game rooms, and local forms of entertainment, such as clubs, cinema, theatre and cabaret.

Though skis are less dangerous, than many other popular kinds of sports (for example, driving on a bicycle, a golf, football, floating, and weightlifting), they are perceived often as very brave sports, in particular, because of significant number of accidents. Nevertheless, on mounting skiing resorts always there is a first aid, and there is a special ski patrol service for maintenance of the help and rescue of the suffered skiers. The ski patrol routinely is responsible for observance of rules of driving and removal of extreme participants from area of snow descent.

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