Space tourism

the International space station

Space tourism is space travel for leisure and rest or in the business purposes. There were some new companies the last years, in hope to create branch of space tourism. But orbital possibilities of space tourism, now, so limited and roads, also are supplied only with the Russian space agency.

The Published prices for flights at intermediary Space Adventures on the International space station onboard a space vehicle the Union-rossija made 20-35 million US dollars, in 2001-2009. Some of space tourists have signed contracts with the third parties on realisation of separate research activity in an orbit.

Russia has stopped orbital space tourism in 2010 because of increase in quantity of members of team of the International space station, using places for participants of commands of expedition. Nevertheless, tourist flights in pre-award order is scheduled to reinstate in 2013 when the quantity of starts of the Union can grow to five in a year. Alternatively the term "the tourism", some organisations, such as Commercial Spaceflight Federation use the term "personal space flight".

Seven space tourists have visited at the International space station on a spaceship the Union:
Dennis Tito (USA) - 2001 (8 days) - 20 million US dollars;
Mark Shattlvort (Republic of South Africa) - 2002 (11 days) - 20 million US dollars;
Greg Olsen (USA) - 2005 (11 days) - 20 million US dollars;
Anushe Ansari (USA) - 2006 (12 days) - it is not declared;
Charles Simoni (USA) - 2007 (15 days) - it is not declared; 2009 (14 days) - it is not declared;
Richard Gerriot (USA) - 2008 (12 days) - 30 million US dollars;
Gi Laliberte (Canada) - 2009 (11 days) - 35 million US dollars.

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