The world day of tourism

the World day of tourism

The World tourist United Nations Organization (UNWTO) invites people all over the world to participate in the World bottom of tourism - on September, 27th each year. The secretary general an UNWTO annually refers the message for the wide public to note this event. Many enterprises and the tourism organisations, and also government agencies with a particular interest to tourism sphere, celebrate this event by various special actions and celebrations.

Various kinds of competitions, such as competitions of photos of development of tourism, and also granting of tourist awards in such areas as an ecotourism, are spent in the World day of tourism. Other actions switch on free tickets, allowances or special offerings for general public on any site of a tourist orientation. The government and public figures, representatives of tourist business, can do public statements or offer special tours or tariffs in the World day of tourism.

At constant growth of sphere of services of a tourist direction, tourism by one of it becomes fastest growing sectors of economy in the world. Modern tourism closely related with development also includes the countries more and more new tourist routes. Such dynamics puts tourism in the key factor of social and economic progress. Tourism becomes one of main players in international trade, and represents at the same time one of the basic sources of the income for many developing countries.

An UNWTO has decided in the end of September, 1979 to position the World day of tourism which was marked for the first time on September, 27th, 1980. On September, 27th it has been chosen as date of the World day of tourism because this date has coincided with the important event in the tourism world: anniversary of acceptance of the Charter an UNWTO on September, 27th, 1970.

The UNWTO considers that date of the World day of tourism is expedient as it is a question of the termination of a tourist season in northern hemisphere and the beginning of a tourist season in southern hemisphere when to tourism many people all over the world, especially travellers and those who works in tourism sphere display actual interest.

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