Tourism development

Santiago de Compostela

Rich people always went in the remote parts of the world to see the big structures or other works of art, to study modern languages, to learn new culture, or to taste new kitchen. At the time of the Roman republic, such places as Baji, were popular marine resorts for rich.

Terms "tourist" and "tourism" have been used for the first time by League of the Nations in 1937. The tourist has been defined as the person travelling abroad for term more than 24 hours.

The History of the European tourism originates from medieval pilgrimage. Pilgrims have created set of tourist aspects which still exist - acquisition of souvenirs, reception of credits in foreign banks (in the Middle Ages with use of the international networks created by Jews), empty seat use on existing types of transport (such as the medieval English wine vessels directed to Vigo, with pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela).

In the seventeenth century, in England became fashionable, to spend Grand Tour. Sons of nobility and the nobility departed to long tour over Europe for the purpose of training and education. The eighteenth century became Golden Age Grand Tour. Modern equivalent Grand Tour is the phenomenon of the tourist.

Improving tourism existed always, but it has received special development in the eighteenth century. In England it is connected with resorts, places with curative mineral waters, for treatment of such diseases, as a gout, illnesses of a liver and a bronchitis. Cheltenham, Buxton, Harrogate and Tanbridzh Wells were the most popular resorts. Trips on ' waters ' also allowed visitors to visit balls and other entertainments. Continental resorts, such as Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary) involved many fashionable travellers of the nineteenth century.

Travel have been at a leisure connected with industrialisation of Great Britain - the first European country which has received more of a free time, because of increase in the industrial population. Originally it concerned only holders of production, economic oligarchy, factory owners and dealers. They included new middle class. «Cox and Kings» were the first official travel agency created in 1758. Later, the working class also can use a free time.

Mass travel could develop only with improvement of technologies of carriage a considerable quantity of people in a short space of time to vacation spots, and the more number of people began to enjoy advantages of a free time.

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