Holiday on a seashore

It is a question of that season of which we start to dream on work, representing myself sunbathing on a beach, with a glass of Pina Kolada. Then, we wake up and we understand that first of all it is necessary to start to save money to make this summer holiday happy! Rest can appear a financial load, and most likely it is not necessary to show off, when business reaches your holiday, until then, as you cannot accumulate on it the sufficient sum. In long run, you really deserve rest, and a complete relaxation from exhausting work.

So, here five advices to help to save money at holiday planning.

1. Travel on off-peak. The best not peak time for holiday in warm months - before June, 20th and in the end of August till September for subtropical areas. If you can travel in May or the beginning of June, you will find the best prices for air tickets and hotel accommodation. Try to avoid Days of memory and Independence Days.

2. Stay in the leased housing accommodation, instead of in hotel rooms. If at you the decent size a family or you are going to go to holiday with friends, I urgently recommend to remove housing accommodation hiring. If to divide payment for the house or apartment with other family, it is possible to find a place for residing for pair hundreds dollars on a family in a week! It is the big good luck if to consider cost of two or three hotel rooms removed on the big family within all week.

3. Try to visit areas which do not prosper on tourism. If you go somewhere that depends on tourism as from the basic source of the income, you will overpay. It is difficult enough, to find an exotic place which does not prosper on tourism, but such places, as Costa Rica, the Eastern Europe, and coastal areas in Brazil, are more accessible, than you think.

4. When it is possible, try to avoid to be fed out of door! It is heavy enough, because in holiday routinely do not trouble about cooking. Try to find a place for residing at which breakfast it is switched already on in the price. And it is possible to have dinner and supper fruit and sandwiches.

5. Purchase "all inclusive" if such service is offered. Some of you can disagree, but on the honeymoon the permit on a resort was "all inclusive", and I think that we have spent much less money, than could spend in 7 day cruise or a trip to Europe. We remained on a resort in Mexico which switched on all dishes, drinks for adults, and some excursions. The simple fact of that we could eat and drink so much, how much wanted and when wanted, has saved to us a lump of money.

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