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Silver is a metal chemical element with chemical symbol Ag (lats. Argentum, from Indo-European root Arg - "grey" or "shining") and atomic number 47. The soft, white, brilliant metal having the highest electric conductivity and the highest heat conductivity among metals. In the nature there is in a pure, free kind (native silver), in an alloy gold both other metals and minerals, such as vitreous silver and cerargyrite. The majority of silver is manufactured as a by-product of processing of copper, gold, lead and zinc.

Silver is evaluated as precious metal, and used for manufacturing of ornaments, the jewelry, valuable ware, utensils and coins. Today, silver metal also is used in electric contacts and porters, in mirrors and in catalysis of chemical reactions. Its connections apply in a film, and silver nitrate solutions are used as desinfectants and microbiocide. While medical antibacterial use of silver has been superseded by antibiotics, the further research of its clinical potential proceeds.

Silver very plastic, pliable monovalent metal, with a brilliant white metallic appearance which is very well glazed. At it the highest electric conductivity among metals, even above, than at copper, but its big cost does not allow to be applied widely instead of copper to the electric purposes. Despite it, 13 540 tons of silver have been used in the electromagnets necessary for enrichment of uranium during the Second World War (basically because of deficiency of copper in a wartime). Silver plating is widely used in the radio-frequency engineering, in particular on VHF and higher frequencies to improve electric conductivity of a seeing-off. One more appreciable exception is expensive audio cables where as generators confirm, silver plating of copper porters on 6 % raises quality of a sound.

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