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the Bronze coin of Maksimian

The People going ancient coins , generally, begin as collectors of modern coins. In due course they find ancient coins more interesting.

In consciousness of those who collects ancient coins, there is more knowledge of history. Early coins of the USA, probably, were in hands of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Hancock, or other founding fathers, and ancient coins, probably, touched Fales, Pifagor, Ksenofan, Demokrit, Gippokrat, Socrat, Platon, Aristotle, Evklid, Archimedes, or other people, on whose thinking the basis of the western civilisation is generated. The age of a coin in itself intrigues.

As they are rather beautiful, especially ancient coins of Greece. The American coins imitate often design of Ancient Greek coins. Last, are considered as top of numismatical art.

Despite the history and beauty, ancient coins, as a rule, not more expensively, than modern coins. As well as ordinary coins, have a huge price range, from very high to very low. Among cheaper ancient - a bronze coin of Maksimian, it is almost exact the same size and weight, as the big cent of the USA. But it is a 1800-year-old Roman coin in a perfect condition as a rule, there are all $25, about that half, how much is the big cent. You can find a bronze coin, Konstantin's epoch, the fourth century of our era in top condition for $10.

The price spread Reason - a supply and demand. From outside offers - millions ancient Greek and Roman coins rapped out on an extent more than millenia, and unlike modern coins, their availability increase also numerous ancient coins dug out of ground every year in such countries as Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey and Israel. As to demand - exists less collectors of ancient coins, than modern.

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