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silver Cleaning

I not the great admirer of yellow gold. Besides, I am not rich, but I like jewelry. So in these conditions why I cannot like silver? The truth is at silver one not good property - it grows dull. Dimness - grey or black cover which is formed on a silver surface, as a result of chemical reaction between silver and sulphur. Its scientific name - silver sulphide.

If you carry often the silver ornaments frequent contact to a skin prevents dimness formation. But table silver or ornaments which are put on only in special cases, are fast covered with grey scurf, especially if they was stored near to such materials, as felt, a wool, or rubber. Humidity also can accelerate dimness formation. Fortunately, dimness leaves from silver almost with the same ease, as well as is formed. Here one of the most simple and most ecological methods silver cleanings .

Begin with simple soap and water. The first that it is necessary to make, it to wash up an item from silver or silver jeweller ornaments with soap, for removal from a dust and dirt surface.

Equipment Preparation. Following step is to put on a bottom of a pan of an aluminium foil and addition of enough of water, completely to cover a silver subject which you wish to clear.

Stir baking soda in pan water. Steams of table spoons will be enough for small subjects in a small pan. As baking soda dissolves, switch on the burner under a pan and yield water to boil.

Put the become dull silver. As soon as water will begin to boil, you can remove a pan from fire and lower silver in hot water. Be convinced that silver is in direct contact to an aluminium foil. All process can take some minutes before you will notice tiny yellow or black flakes in water, or will see that the aluminium foil has turned black. It occurs because hot soda solution and waters separates sulphur from silver and transfers it on aluminium.

Use nippers for moving of silver items to a pan. You even can take them for a short while from a solution that it is better to look at purification degree. Be simply gentle and do not scratch silver. As soon as silver becomes pure, you should wash out it in water alone to remove all traces of baking soda, and then to dry by means of a soft pure fabric.

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