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The Collecting of coins is a collecting of the coins which are a lawful legal tender, in certain time, the state or the people. The coins which are of interest for collectors - what addressed only small time, coins with mint errors and especially beautiful or historically significant. The collection of coins can be differentiated from numismatics that the last represents regular studying of currency. Though both disciplines closely related among themselves, it not certainly same. The numismatist can be the collector of coins, and can and is not present, and on the contrary.

People saved coins for the investment value so much, how much coins were minted. Nevertheless, the collection of coins on their art value had more later development. The data archaeological and historic facts of ancient Rome and medieval Mesopotamia indicates that coins were going and catalogued by scientists and Treasuries. Besides, it is represented probable that separate citizens collected old, exotic or memorable coins, as the accessible, portable form of art. According to the text of Svetonija, in the De Vita Caesarum written to the first centuries of our era, the Emperor August sometimes showed old and exotic coins to the friends and court during holidays and other special cases.

The Modern collecting of coins and an estimation has begun about the fourteenth century. The collecting of coins at the time of the Renaissance became whim among some members of exclusive classes. To the Italian scientist and poet Petrarka attribute superiority in collecting of coins. Its example was followed by many European kings, princes and other noblemen storing collections of ancient coins. Daddy Bonifatsy VIII, emperor Maksimilian of Sacred Roman empire, Louis XIV the king of France, Ferdinand I, Henry IV French and Ioahim II Brandenburg were appreciable collectors. Perhaps, because only very rich presumed to itself a collecting of coins, in Renaissance it began to be called "a hobby of kings».

In 17th and the 18th century the collecting of coins and remains possibility of well supplied people. But Enlightenment times have led to more regular approach of accumulation and studying. The numismatics has arisen these centuries as a subject matter, at the same time, the collecting of coins became leisure of the growing middle class, wishing to prove the riches and refinement. In 19th and 20th century, the collecting of coins types even more popularity. The market of coins extends at the expense of inclusion not only antique coins, but foreign or other exotic currency. The first international convention for numismatists has been spent on August, 15-18th, 1962 in Detroit, the State of Michigan, and has been organised by the American numismatical association and Royal Canadian numismatical Association.

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