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To Purchase silver coins today it is easy enough. There are hundreds mints, auctions of dealers worldwide represent the prices for silver coins . Besides on the Internet it became much easier to purchase silver coins practically from any point of the world. Then there is a question, in buying of the best silver coins. There are many various types of coins. At each type - the unique advantages which they are appreciated by collectors. Here some of the most popular coins for collectors - American Silver Eagle, Morgan, The Canadian Maple and British Silver Sovereign. Other collectors, specialise on rare silver coins.

Traditional silver coins are a lawful legal tender in the country-emitter. The nominal price of such coins invariably is less, than cost of the contents of silver. But, being a lawful legal tender, they are sold in the form of coins, instead of ingots. It means that as a rule, they are not taxed. But, of course, there are also exceptions.

For example, acquiring the Australian silver coins which are a lawful legal tender, inhabitants of Australia are obliged to pay the tax (GST) for these coins. In Great Britain at buying of any silver coins, the value-added tax (by analogy with GST in Australia only even more) also is paid. And in some other countries now there are similar taxes. It to be applied even at buying of a collection of the standard coins used in general trade. In the USA while such taxes are not present.

In general at such coins look from the collection point of view, and the price of a silver coin is not so important. From the investment point of view the investment in silver has more sense as the accent is done on silver, instead of on nominal value of a coin and the overpayment is less, thus your expenses much more low. So that buying of silver coins depends on the acquisition purpose.

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