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Silver is appreciated as precious metal throughout all world history and has many various applications. But silver cost tends to fluctuate. For the collector it is important to define, whether has a thing high hallmark (fine silver) or has been produced in an alloy with other metals. If you purchase silver jewelry or ancient silver subjects, also it is important to define cleanliness of their hallmark to acquire the presents a silver item, instead of silvered. On silver subjects from Europe, Russia and America it is routinely branded about hallmark, certifying their authenticity. So far as concerns the silver jewels, many jewellers do hallmark on acidity, to distinguish a fine silver from the silvered. An ideal method of check of cleanliness of silver - the test with hydrogen nitrate. To purchase this test it is possible either through the Internet or in specialised shop., routinely, the test consists of a small bottle with hydrogen nitrate and a colour scale.

It will be necessary to make small scratches on a surface of a silver subject a needle entering into the paste complete set. Seat a hydrogen nitrate drop on a scratch and observe of discolouration. Address to the colour diagramme, entering into the complete set for interpretation of results. Cloudy cream colour shows high hallmark of silver, as a rule, from 100 % to 90 %. From 75 % to 90 % the scratch will be grey, and to 75 % of greenish colour.

The Concept - silver.925 - falls into to the important standards of hallmark and cleanliness of silver. It represents itself as an original material for rings, necklaces, bracelets and other ornaments. With this alloy it is easy to work, it strong enough, resists to colouring and decolouration.

The Metal routinely used in sterling silver, is copper. She is necessary to add to silver necessary hardness in manufacturing of house ware and tablewares. Sterling silver became now less widespread, as a material for household and kitchen utensils. In some countries, however, it still represents the important store of value, and ancient silver confirms the value in the market of subjects of a collecting all over the world.

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