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Silver coins , probably, oldest form of quantity production of money. Silver was used for coinage since ancient Greeks. Their silver drachmas were popular trading coins. Many factors define cost of collection silver coins, for example, their rarity, demand, a condition and quantity.

Many people used silver as the basic unit in money terms. Silver has the international code XAG according to ISO 4217. The pound sterling name reflects that fact that it initially represented cost of one troy pound sterling silver, other historical currencies, such as the French livre, have similar etymologies. The silver standard - a monetary system, in which standard economic entity of the bill - the fixed weight of silver. The silver standard was widespread the ambassador of falling of the Byzantian empire till 19th century. After opening in 16 century of major fields of silver in Cerro Rico in Potosi, Bolivia, the international silver standard of a metallic currency has occurbed in connection with the Spanish peso. Silver dollar coins played the important role in international trade in currency during almost four hundreds years. In 19th century, the bimetallism which prevailed in the majority of the countries has been undermined by opening of major fields of silver in Northern and the South America, and being afraid of falloff of cost of silver and, accordingly, currency, in the majority of the states have passed to a gold standard till 1900.

The First, after Napoleonic wars, Great Britain has entered gold sovereigns and has formally accepted a gold standard in 1821. At the same time, after revolution, Latin America has terminated delivery of silver dollars (peso which were manufactured on mints in Potosi, Mexico and Lima. The British gold standard initially propagated and on some of the British colonies, in particular, the Australian colonies and colonies of the south of Africa, without North American colonies and the British India or South East Asia. The silver standard, at last, has terminated the existence in 1935 when from it there was China and Hong Kong.

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