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the Silver American Eagle

Allowed by the Congress of the USA in 1985 and for the first time rapped out in 1986, Silver Eagles (Silver Eagles) consist from 0,999 fine silvers. These coins the best of ever rapped out and propagated in the USA. Each coin contains one troy ounce of a fine silver, has diameter of 1,598 inches (or 40.6 mm), a thickness of 0,117 inches or 2.98 mm. These impressively the big and essential coins... Unique official silver of an investment class of America - investment coins... Do beautiful and useful addition to any investment portfolio.

They, as also believe many, are one of the most beautiful coins which ever have been rapped out somewhere in the world. Their obverse design is based on American to "Going Freedom" coins in half of the dollar, for the first time manufactured in 1916 and developed under the design of German immigrants, sculptor Adolf Alexander Vajnmanom who also designed known American ten cents "Mercury", also entered in 1916. On the back coins the eagle and a board, with 13 stars, the representing 13 first American states possessed over a head of an eagle is represented.

The Silver American Eagle is manufactured on the Mint of the Vest-point of the USA, and is a lawful legal tender, as a coin with a face-value one US dollar... Granted, largely purely symbolically as the market price of one ounce of silver is many times more than one dollar in a current of four decades.

The American Silver Eagles are an accessible, effective method to begin an investment in precious metals, to diversify the savings in the investment assets supported by the American government. Coins are widely recognised, they are easy for purchasing, selling, transporting and storing.

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