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Capital: Canberra.

Map of Australia

Inhabitants of the country are friendly, easily trained, differ negation of authorities, love to a sharp word. Skeleton of the population was made by emigrants of England and Ireland. On the one hand in the country influence of the English culture displayed sometimes in restraint, stiffness, Puritanism is saved, on the other hand, many observers notice similarity of Australia to California that is displayed in cheerfulness, freedom of customs, a habit time large part to spend in the open air. Australians are affable with foreigners. In the country lives nearby 0, 25 million natives of the former USSR. Influence of ecologists, pacifists is great. Australians are extremely laconic, they find brevity remarkable quality. It is necessary to state business offers simply, it is compressed, it is not necessary to press in details. Describing the goods, it is necessary to indicate its pluses and minuses fairly. The ask price should not be overestimated. In traditions of the majority of Australians - easy style in clothes. But the corresponding suit is, of course, necessary for business meetings, visitings of concert halls and the best restaurants.

Climate in Australia the hot. In summer months rains are insignificant, however in the winter they can disturb to movement on roads. May-August - ideal time for a trip to Australia, September-December - season peak.

The population - 18,7 million, basically descendants of immigrants from Great Britain, and Ireland, and also immigrants from other countries. Aboriginals (natives) - apprx. 228 thousand people In Australia live about 230 thousand people - natives from territory of the former USSR. Language: English. Besides it meet Italian, Greek, German, Chinese and indigenous population dialects. Religion: more than 73 % profess Christianity (26 % Catholics, 24 % - Protestants).

Currency: the Aussie dollar. One dollar is equal to 100 cents. In circulation there are notes of denomination in 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 dollars and coins in 2, in 1 dollar and in 50, 20, 10 and 5 cents. Importation national and a foreign exchange is not limited. Exportation national and a foreign exchange - no more than 5000 dollars is allowed. Exchange: is more favourable in banks, than in hotels and restaurants. Banks are opened from 9.30 till at week-days, on Friday - till 17.00.

It is impossible to import a foodstuff into the country. It is forbidden to import into the country drugs, steroid drugs, cold and the fire-arms, protected plants, animals and products from them. Any animals, a foodstuff, plants and items from them should be declared and be subject to the quarantine control. Restrictions on importation/export to Australia any currencies in any sums do not exist. At importation of the cash token moneys exceeding in the sum an equivalent of 5,000 Aussie dollars, they are necessary for indicating in the declaration. This rule does not propagate on trevel-checks and credit cards. Travellers are more senior 16 years can to import duty-free into the country alcoholic drinks - to 1 litre, tobacco items - to 250 gramme. In Australia the most vigilant quarantine service. After an arrival in the airport you and your luggage can be sprinkled a desinfectant which is approved the CART. The fine for deliberate transportation of the forbidden products makes from 32 to 5 794 dollars, or till 5 years of prison. At departure from the country each passenger is more senior 12 years the tax of 27 Aussie dollars pays.

Public catering - from 10 o'clock till 22 o'clock, but here and there pubs are closed only after care of the last visitor. Shops are opened with 9 till 17.30 at week-days, and on Saturday are closed at midday. It is possible to pay by means of credit cards - first of all Visa and Mastercard, and also other major credit cards which are everywhere accepted. To cash money from cards not so conveniently: for this service take 15 %.

In the country the system of short-term hiring in a private sector is well organised. It acts practically in all cities and carries the name «Bed and Breakfast» (a lodging for the night and a breakfast). The lodging for the night will cost in 1,5-2 times more cheaply, than in hotel. It is in advance possible to pick up such owners with whom interests, a trade, age, dialogue language will coincide.

Tip is propagated here not so widely, as in Europe. At restaurant tip not above 10 % from the bill, the porter can be yielded 1 dollar, to the taxi driver keep a trifle. - Hotel Price Comparison


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