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Capital: Vienna.

Map of Austria

The state in the Central Europe. In the north borders on Czechia, in the northeast - with Slovakia, in the east - with Hungary, in the south - with Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland, in the west - with Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Germany. The area of the country of 83859 km. Sq. Austria basically highland (on 70 %): the average level makes about 900 m, the large part of Austria is taken by East Alpes which are in turn subdivided into the Alpes Northern Tirol and the Salzburg Alpes in the north; the Tsillertalsky and Karniksky Alpes in the south. The peak level - mountain Grosglokner (3797 metres), on it is also one of the glaciers largest in Europe - Pasterze.

In the country with a strongly pronounced mountain relief the climate cannot be monotonous. In mountains severe winters and hot summer. East plain is in a zone of a continental climate. In the south of the country a climate almost Mediterranean. As a whole a climate moderate continental, damp enough. Mid-annual temperature 9,8 ° C. With a raising on each of 100 m, centre temperatures drop on 0,5 ° With. Around Vienna the maximum temperature in the summer +36 C, the minimum temperature in the winter −10 C. Snow in high mountains is kept 7 - 8 months.

The population: About 7,9 million persons. 96 % of the population - the Austrians. Among minority Croats, Hungarians, Slovenes, Czechs, Italians, Serbs and Romanians precipitate out. Official language - a German (with a characteristic Austrian pronunciation). About 78 % of the population Catholics make, 5 % - Protestants, 2 % - Moslems, 12 % - atheists.

Currency: Euro (EURO). Notes: 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 euros. Coins: 2 and 1 euros; 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 cents.

Shops in Austria are opened from Monday till Friday, from 8.00 till and from 14:00 till, on Saturday - till 13.00. Some shops work without interruption till 19:00. Each first Saturday of month shops work till 17.00. If on shop there is a signboard «Ausverkauf», it is possible to count more on low prices. In grocery shops "Hofer", «Spar», «Billa» the prices more low, than in the others. The foreign tourists constantly living out of the European community, at buying of the goods for the sum over 1000 shillings can receive VAT recovery if these goods are removed and necessary custom house formalities on exportation are executed. To receive recovery in size approximately 13 % from the price, follows: in the shops having a sign «Tax Free for tourist Austria Tax Free-Shopping» or a serebrjano-black-blue sign «Europa-Tax-Free Plakette», at buying it is necessary to take the check «Tax-free-Scheck» together with an envelope. This check is filled in completely with the seller. Before departure the check, the bill-original and the goods should be presented customs house. The customs officer puts a stamp on the check. Without a mark of customs house money will not return. Money can be reverted directly on payment places at the airports, at stations and the frontier points indicated on an envelope «Tax-free-Kuvent». On the majority of subjects of art, a collecting, the book and a foodstuff recovery minus commissions makes 6-8 % from the purchase sum.

The Austrians - the hospitable people, despite visible arrogance. The explanation consists that the population of Austria, and in particular big cities, natives of bourgeois families make. However the Austrians easily go on contact and are always ready to help with difficulties. Distinctive features - politeness and punctuality.

Most easier to remove a hotel accommodation. If such variant of roads it is possible to use family hotels «Bed and Breakfast». In Austria they are known under the name «Gasthofe», «Gasthauser», «Fruhstuckspensionen». It is possible to rent a room in the private house. In Austria act about 100 youth hotels («hostel»). In Vienna from July till September it is possible to stay for a small payment in campuses. They are called «Studentenheim». In this small town it is possible to be fed cheaply in student's dining rooms. They carry the name «Mensa».

Tip makes 5 % from an order price, at large restaurants it is accepted to keep 10 % from an amount of invoice. The waiter will necessarily return delivery under the bill, and is more narrow after that, in the same napkin, it is necessary to keep tip. In a bar and cafe it is possible to keep small coins. In street cafes tip does not yield. The taxi driver can keep 10 % over the metre, it is possible to keep simply a trifle from delivery. - Hotel Price Comparison


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