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Capital: Beijing.

Map of China

The respect for knowledge, for learning, books is peculiar to inhabitants of China. Chineses welcome one another hand shake. Businessmen should have at themselves cut-aways, the text on which should be on Chinese (it it is desirable a gold paint) and English languages (only not red). Chineses are extremely economical, aspiring to accumulate the capital fast. In China it is accepted to do much informally, "at the left".

In China put on routinely enough, therefore it is not necessary to take with itself something especial and extravagant. For official actions take a jacket and a tie, a suit or a strict dress. Is better to use small, but capacious suitcases or bags on castors. Prepare to that you should change clothes often enough, weather in China varies. With a film, every possible toilet accessories of problems at you will not be. Take with yourself a necessary set of medicines and superfluous pair of points (if you use points).

The large part of territory of China is in limits of the moderate and subtropical belts, a southern part - in tropics. The opinion that in China hot all year long - is erroneous. Summer - roast, with an insignificant amount of precipitation (centre temperature +32°С). The winter in the north and the north-east cold with temperature to-25°C, in the central part a climate is softer also winter temperatures do not fall more low-5°C. In the south (a province Guangdong) it is possible to sunbathe and bathe all year long (centre temperature of air +30°С, waters +22°С).

State language - Chinese.

The native currency of the Peoples Republic of China - yuan. Denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 50 and 100 yuans - payment permanent assets, in circulation also a coin of denomination in 1 yuan. There are also smaller components of yuan. 1/10 yuans officially are called "jiao" (it is visible from a Latin transcription on a denomination or a coin) and there is in dignities 1, 2 and 5 jiao (both denominations, and coins). Dollars on yuans interchange in banks, hotels, in exchange offices. The return exchange is not present. Business banks work from 8.00 till at week-days and from 8.00 till on Saturdays. In hotels exchange items are opened longer and work without days off.

The foreign citizens who have arrived to China are authorised to import duty-free for use to suit the own ends the camera (1 unit), the portable tape recorder (1 unit), a portable videocamera (1 unit), a portable movie camera (1 unit), the portable computer (1 unit) . In case of excess of the positioned norms of importation of the above-stated subjects the tourist should declare their exact quantity. The subjects set forth above imported with the permission of customs house to China, on the way back at border intersection it is necessary to remove from China. Tourists arriving to China are authorised to import for a private use and in reasonable quantity gold, silver and items from these metals. In case their weight exceeds 50, it is necessary to fill in the declaration and at departure from China to remove them by the declared quantity. Transportation or transportation abroad gold, silver and items from them purchased in China, the customs service allows only at availability at the holder of "the Special invoice», the China issued by the People's bank. To the foreign citizens, wishing to remove from China art values, it is necessary to receive the experts' report in corresponding administrative authorities on culture affairs, and then to present the detailed declaration on removed subjects to customs house. To the foreign citizens who have arrived to China, it is authorised to remove abroad in reasonable quantities and for a private use ready medical products or their raw materials applied in the Chinese medicine, purchased by them on a foreign exchange, in the presence of the corresponding bill-receipt and the inquiry on exchange.

Shops are opened daily from 9.00 till. In the largest cities the majority of shops works till 22.00. In private shops it is possible to bargain.

In the country there are four types of hotels: local, state, the middle class and hotel hotels belonging to the western companies. Last differ high standards and a corresponding price level. Middle class hotels also are good enough, but a degree of service in them more low, than in the foreign. In local hotels of a condition of residing are far from the comfortable. In China can request higher payment for hotel and meal, than from the local. For this purpose holders of restaurants make two menus - for local residents and for foreigners.

To yield tip it is not accepted, but the parlourmaid or the porter in hotel will not refuse 1-2 yuans. - Hotel Price Comparison


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