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Capital: Nicosia.

Map of Cyprus

Greeks-Cypriotes - affable, hospitable people. In conversations with them it is better not to mention a theme of occupation of a part of island Turks.

Cyprus is possessed in east part of Mediterranean sea in 70 km. From coast of Turkey, in 95 km. From coast of Syria and 380 km. From coast of Egypt. The proximate Greek islands - Rhodes and Karpasos are possessed on 380 km. To the west. It is the third on size island of the Mediterranean, its area makes 9251 sq. km; extent from the West on the east of 224 km, from the north on the south - 96 km. The coastal line of island in the north is cut up also mountain, and in the south is covered by the long sandy coasts. At approach to island by the plane numerous bays and gulfs, dark greens of valleys in a brown frame of mountains are visible.

On Cyprus 330 sunny days in a year! The most "cool" place on island - the western coast round Pathos, where temperature of air in the summer below on 3-4 degrees, than in Larnaka or Limassol. Practically throughout all year it is possible to bathe, the water temperature seldom falls more low 18 With. From the beginning of April till October - the warmest period of year. Warm clothes, for example a sweater, can be necessary only for excursion in mountains. From November till March weather remains warm and moderated, but cool days with short rains nevertheless are possible.

Official language is Greek. English is everywhere used, French and a German is more rare. In many hotels there is a Russian-speaking staff. Religion: Orthodoxy of 77 %, Islam of 18 %.

Monetary unit - Cyprus pound (CYP), to equal 100 cents. In circulation there are notes of denomination in 20, 10, 5 and 1 pound, and also coins on 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 cent.

Tourists can import to Cyprus without payment of the duty of a photo- and a videocamera, sports stock, the goods for the sum no more than 50 Cyprus pounds, except for jewelry, and also 50 cigars or 200 gramme of tobacco, 1 l. Strong spirits, 0,75 l. Fault, 0,3 litres of spirits or floral water. Exportation of antiques from Cyprus is forbidden, and any attempt is punished under the law.

Shops work from Monday till Saturday from 8.00 till and from 15.00 till during winter time, from 16.00 till - in summertime. On Wednesday and Saturday shops after a dinner do not work.

Napkin from a lace; the big bottle of beer КЕО; Soundzouko - the Cyprian delicacy produced of grape sirup and mandelic nuts; a version of the cheese produced only on Cyprus; bottle Kommandaria - the Cyprian sweet wine; the cartridge with records of traditional Cyprian music; a traditional pottery - jugs, vases, candlesticks.

On island there is a set of hotels, houses for tourists. At a hotel choice it is necessary to pay attention to number of the stars designating a category of hotel, and also whether there is in hotel own beach, basin.

10 % for service routinely join in the bill in the majority of restaurants in the Greek part of Cyprus (in the south). On northern Cyprus percent for service switch on in the bill only at the most expensive restaurants, therefore waiters can keep «on tea». Tip routinely yields also to taxi drivers. In hotel it is accepted to keep some coins to parlourmaids. - Hotel Price Comparison


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