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Capital: Prague.

Map of Czechia

Meeting and leaving, familiar men shake one another hands, and in relation to women it is better to take a waiting attitude, to wait, while the woman herself will offer a hand for hand shake. Czechs are very hospitable. On business negotiations it is better to send the man to Czechia is more senior 40 years. In Czechia from foreigners take officially higher payment for hotel, informally can overestimate the bill at restaurant, in a taxi.

The state in the Central Europe, taking historical regions of Bohemia and Moravia, and also a part of Silesia. In the north borders on Poland, in the east - with Slovakia, in the south - with Austria, in the west and the north - with Germany. The area of the country of 78864 km sq. Czechia is possessed on the Bogemsky plateau stretched through all country from the West on the east. Along the edges of a plateau, basically in the north and the east, mountain chains, in particular Sudetes and Carpathians are possessed some. The highest point of the country - mountain of the Snowball (1602), is possessed in the Sudetsky mountains, the low point - a part of a current of Elba (Laba) which on border with Germany falls to 117 m above sea level. The Czech Republic is possessed on a main European watershed where the rivers running in Northern, Baltic and black staining originate. The largest rivers are Elba (357 km) with the inflow by Vltava to the western part of the country, Morava (329 km) in its east part and Oder. For mass rest artificial lakes, for example Lipno (4870 hectares - the biggest), by Orlik on the river Vltava, and also Nove Mliny (1558 hectares) on the river Dye are used. The big area (52000 hectares) is taken by the ponds intended for deluting of fresh-water fishes. Largest of them - Rozhmbergsky. In country bowels there is a considerable quantity of medical mineral waters. Mineral and thermal sources, curative muddy lakes and swimming baths have served for building of resorts.

Climate: Soft, moderately continental.

Official language - Czech. Also are used Slovak, German, English, Russian. Religion: Catholics - 89 %, Protestants - 5 %, orthodox - 3 %, atheists - 40 %.

Currency: the Czech krone equal to 100 haliers. In circulation there are notes of denomination of 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 5000 krones and a coin of denomination of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 krones, and also 50, 20 and 10 haliers. Importation of the goods for the sum no more than 3000 krones is allowed.

In private exchange offices take commissions to 10 %. In hotels the size of commissions drops to 5 %. The size of commissions is equal In banks 2 %. Banks, exchange offices are opened at week-days from 9.00 till and from 14.00 till. In banks at departure from the country can interchange the small sum if there is a receipt on a return exchange.

Duty-free importation of 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 g of smoking tobacco is authorised; 1 litres of strong spirits or 2 litres of wine. Importation and exportation foreign and the native currency is not limited. The currency is declared.

Long-distance buses - the cheapest type of transport. Railway passenger carriages are developed. At movement on the Czech motorways the duty is levied. For movement the duty is equal in the car of 400 krones. On a windshield it is necessary to stick down a special label about tax payment. They are sold on mail, in items of intersection of border, on gaz stations.

Grocery shops are opened from 6.00. Department stores work from 9.00 till at week-days, and on Saturday till 13.00. Tourists from Russia purchase in Czechia items from crystal (a chandelier, a wine-glass, a vase). Buying is better for doing in shops and to save the voucher before passage of the customs control. - Hotel Price Comparison


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