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Capital: Cairo.

Map of Egypt

In Egypt it is better not to bargain, and in advance to know goods or service cost. If the help is necessary, but there is no desire to pay for service is better to address to the policeman. The woman, as well as in any Muslim country, should not occur in the street alone. In hotel territory it is possible to put on on sole discretion, but leaving in a city remember that Egypt - the country Islamic, people here believers, traditions - Puritan. The bared shoulders fitting jeans and skirts very much are not pertinent for street walks. On business meetings the Egyptian can late. In Egypt all is done sluggishly, including decision-making process. At behaviour of the Arab always there is an expression, exaggeration. Moslems do not consume alcoholic drinks though routinely do not mind when it is done by others.

The state in the northeast of Africa and the southwest of Asia. In the east borders on Israel, in the south - with Sudan, in the west - with Libya. In the north it is washed by Mediterranean sea, in the east - Red sea. The area of the country about 1001450 Less the tenth part of territory of the country is made by agricultural grounds. It is a valley of delta of Nile, some oases in desert and the earths along Suez canal. More than 90 % of territory take the deserted earths, among which Libyan desert, a part of desert Sahara and the Arabian (East) desert.

Climate in the north of the country - subtropical, in other territory - tropical deserted, with sharp diurnal temperature variations.

Spoken language in Egypt is one of the Arabian dialects, official - so-called "high" Arabian. Arabs from right to left write. But figures are written and read from left to right. The knowledge of English language very helps with Egypt. Many Egyptians living in cities and the resort centres, can speak this language, sometimes - in French; on guide signs and in names of streets often it is used both Arabian and a roman type. Religion: sunnite - 90 %, orthodox church, the Greek orthodox church, Catholic church.

The native currency of Egypt - Egyptian pound. A token coin is the piastre. One Egyptian pound is equal to 100 piastres. Paper piastres happen in nominal value 25 and 50, coins 5, 10, 25. Paper pounds 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100. Credit cards accept in the majority of large hotels, but they are not always accepted in shops. On credit cards of type Euro/Master Card and Visa many banks pay also cash. Do not throw out the inquiry on exchange on Egyptian pounds - they are necessary at the payment of invoices in hotel.

It is authorised to import into the country of tobacco of 250 gramme or 50 cigars, 1 litre of spirits and personal things. It is authorised to acquire duty-free spirits in duty free shops within days in Hurgada (in the passport the stamp is put) and within a month in Cairo. To the tourists travelling with road of video - photoinstrumentation, can suggest to indicate it in the bill of entry so that they have seized it with themselves when will leave the country. Corals and the subjects representing a historical value, the domestic currency are forbidden to exportation.

In private benches it is possible to consider long the goods, to learn the prices, to be interested in quality of the goods, a place of its production. All it does not oblige the visitor of a bench to do buying. If the invitation to drink tea is accepted, small gifts are accepted, the owner of a bench expects that the visitor will make buying. Egyptians aspire to transform ordinary contact of the seller and the buyer into solemn ritual, they consider that the buyer should be interested, recovered, entertained. It is better to Europeans to accept these rules, to transform trade into entertainment and to reduce cost of buying. Any certain shop hours does not exist. During the winter period shops are routinely opened from 9.00 till with a lunch break at least from 12.00 till. Supermarkets routinely work longer. In the summer the lunch time-out, as a rule, proceeds from 14.00 till. Many shops are closed only in 21.00-22.00.

Tip (baksheesh) in Egypt from you will expect porters, taxi drivers, door-keepers and many other things. Carry with itself some notes in 50 piastres and 1 pound - the small sum quite enough. At restaurant it is accepted to keep about 10 % (besides taxes and percent for the service, switched on in the bill).

For consultations concerning the specific restrictions, falling into to import and export of animals, plants, and also specific subjects (for example: petards, art items and antiques), it is necessary to address to the Greek embassy, consulate or in the proximate tourist organisation. If you wish to yield tip to waiters - routinely they make 5-10 % from the order sum, but it - exclusively good will of the client. To taxi drivers it is not accepted to keep tip, but for Easter and Christmas all clients are obliged to pay 250 drachmas follow-up. To the porter of hotel yield 150 drachmas for a place. - Hotel Price Comparison


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