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The United Arab Emirates

Capital: Abu-Dhabi.

Map of The United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates are possessed in the southeast of Arabian peninsula and border on Qatar, the Sultanate Oman and kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Coast wash waters of Omani and Persian gulfs. The area of the United Arab Emirates makes 83,6 thousand square kilometres.

The clothes of women should be spacious, men welcome easy bow, without submitting a hand. Married women cannot be linked. In the house of the Arab it is impossible to enter into footwear. If the owner goes in advance you and itself comes into footwear this interdiction acts in film. Arabs long remember insults. Vengeance is erected in a kind of art. The revenge can follow through some tens years. The meal and drinks should be yielded and taken the right hand. If plugs are absent, it is necessary to rinse with water the right hand and to take meal a handful. Categorically it is not recommended to offer local residents spirits as gifts or souvenirs. It is impossible to pass before the praying. In Ramadan never eat, do not drink, do not smoke, do not chew a chewing elastic band in streets and in public places to a sunset. Ramadan - month of a Muslim post, and disrespect for traditions can lead to the fine and even to imprisonment. In the Muslim country it is necessary to position mutual understanding with the partner. The meeting begins with hand shake, but thus it is necessary to look the partner in the face. During a greeting it is impossible to keep a cigarette in other hand or to keep a hand in a pocket. The conversation begins with questions on state of health, about health of members of a family. Citizens of this country do not hasten, do not like to risk. Businessmen perfectly know English, in the same language the business documentation is made.

Dry subtropical climate. Mid-annual quantity of rainy days - 5. The most favorable time for a trip to the United Arab Emirates - the period from October till May when the temperature fluctuates in limits from 18 With to 30 C. During this period (especially in February) small rains are possible. In the summer the temperature reaches 50 With, high humidity.

Official language is Arabian, however everywhere English, a Hindi and a Farsi also are used.

The dirham, is equal to 100 filses. In circulation there are coins of denomination 5 and 1 dirham, 50 and 25 filses; notes in 5, 10, 50, 100, 200 and 500 dirham. The American dollars are everywhere accepted for payment, however to pay in dirhams slightly more favourably. Banks are opened, as a rule, from 8:00 till from Saturday till Wednesday. Some work also from 16:00 till. On Thursdays banks are opened from 8:00 till. Exchange offices are opened from 8:30 till and from 16:30 till.

Are forbidden to importation printed and video-production of erotic character, and also capable to offend religious feelings of Moslems or apprehended as unfriendly in relation to the state. First of all it falls into journals or to videocassettes even with elements of the most innocent, to the Russian measures, a sensuality Representatives of customs house can temporarily withdraw imported videocassettes or printed materials for viewing. Importation of spirits (2 l is strictly supervised. Fault, 2 l. Strong spirits, and to Shardzha - only 1 bottle this or that), tobacco items (2000 cigarettes, either 400 cigars, or 2 kg of tobacco), spirits and cologne (150 gramme). Importation of spirits in the United Arab Emirates in general is forbidden citizens of the country. Drugs and the weapon to importation are forbidden. And irrespective of a place of the use of drugs (for example, in Russia before departure) if their traces are found at medical examination in territory of the United Arab Emirates, say, because of detention in a state of intoxication the sentence will be born and for appearance in a public place in a state of intoxication, and for the use of drugs. Officially spirits move only at restaurants and bars of the airport or hotels (the can of beer costs nearby 3 USD). Any currency can be imported and is removed without restrictions.

The broadest choice of the goods and reasonable prices, is one of principal causes on which set of people direct in the United Arab Emirates. Knowingly the Emirates name «paradise for buyers». Free trading laws and the low duty guarantee business prosperity in it to the country. The main centres of trade is Dubai, country capital - Abu-Dhabi, and also Shardzha and Adzhman. In motor shows of Dubai it is possible to acquire cheaply the car, in jeweller shops - items from gold on weight on a world market price (the prices in Dubai one of the lowest in the world), in others - furniture from all cardinal points, home appliances, computers and electronics. The trading festival is spent annually in Dubai and involve with tremendous allowances, extensive entertaining programs and various lotteries.

If tip is not switched on in the bill, it is enough to keep 10 % from a total sum. To yield tip it is necessary only in case of good service. - Hotel Price Comparison


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