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Capital: Helsinki.

Map of Finland

The state in the north of Europe. In the east and the south borders on Russia, in the north - with Norway, in the west - with Sweden. The southern coast is washed by waters of gulf of Finland, western - waters of gulf of Bothnia. Almost third of country lies to the north of a polar circle. The area of Finland makes 338145

Finland - the country of lakes, them there nearby 60000, largest of which Saimaa, Inari and Pjajjanne. The territory Large part flat, a hilly terrain is in the country northwest, in the same place there is also a peak level of Finland - mountain Haltija (1324). Finland belong also the Aland islands (archipelago Ahvenanmaa) - about 6500 islands.

Thanks to a continental climate with warm summer Southeast Finland has the highest in all Scandinavia centre summer temperature. The western coast of Finland is one of the most solar places in Northern Europe.

In Finland two state languages: Finnish and Swedish. In northern areas speak on the Lappish. The wide circulation in the business and tourist environment was received also by English and a German - it is possible to address safely in English, you will understand. However some phrases in Finnish, will be pleasant to any inhabitant Suomi. Religion: evangelical Lutheran church - 90 %, orthodox church.

Currency: Euro (EURO), 1 EURO = 100 EURO cent. Notes: 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 euros. Coins: 2 and 1 euros; 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 cents.

Tourists are authorised to import duty-free into the country of alcoholic drinks of 1 l strength from 22 to 60 degrees (or 2 l of drinks strength from 12 to 22 degrees, or 1 bottle of champagne) + 2 l of wine strength to 12 degrees + 15 l of beer. The majority of the Russian citizens uses this possibility as in Finland heavy prices for spirits are positioned very much. Age restrictions for transportation of a hard liquor - 20 years, for beer - 18 years; 200 cigarettes or 250 g of tobacco. Age restriction for transportation of tobacco items - 16 years; 50 ml of spirits and 250 ml of floral water; other goods for the sum 1500 FIM, including transportation no more than 15 kg of articles of food is authorised.

Shops work from 9.00 till at week-days and from 9.00 till on Saturdays. In holidays all shops are closed. Winter sale begins on December, 27th and proceeds within a month. Summer sale begins after Ivanov of day. Shops «second-hand» in Finland have an inscription «UFF». If the shop organises sale of the goods, that is an inscription «ALE». In such shops it is possible to bargain with the seller. Days of sales in large shops in the end of a season are especially attractive. Directors of shops consider that not sold things should be stored long and sometimes lead up allowances to 90 %. At buying of the goods system TAX-FREE acts on the sum from above 20$ the USA in many shops, that is at departure of the foreigner from Finland to it revert 10 % of a commodity price.

Placement on conditions «a lodging for the night and a breakfast» basically is possessed on agricultural farms and in rural houses on all country. Placement or in residential buildings, or indoors for visitors, or in cottages.

Tip can be yielded door-keepers of hotels, restaurants. It is not accepted to yield hairdressers, their taxi drivers. At high quality restaurants clothes paid. In other cases service cost is switched on in the bill. - Hotel Price Comparison


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