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Capital: Paris.

Map of France

The French nation - one of the oldest on the European continent, with rich history and culture. Frenchmen are without delay gallant, than are polite, sceptical and prudent, artful and resourceful. At the same time they are trustful and magnanimous. In France love and are able to flash a word, the silent person socially kills itself. Conversation of Frenchmen has easy character and goes exclusively fast. The great influence on the French style of business communication is rendered by the education system oriented on education of independent and critically adjusted citizens. In a business life the essential role is played by a personal contact and acquaintances. New partners aspire to find through the intermediaries connected by friendly, family or financial relations. Frenchmen skilfully, even with grace, settle this or that principle and the item, thus rigidly enough carry on negotiations and, as a rule, have no spare item. Frenchmen do not differ accuracy and are not always punctual. On receptions follow the rule: the above the status of the visitor, the later it comes. To be the business partner invited to a supper it is considered in France exclusive honour. To the Frenchman to hear clumsy French more pleasantly, than magnificent English language, besides they not so love Americans. The law of France about the use of the French language requires 1994 obligatory use of the French language in names, announcements, advertising, descriptions of the goods and services, and also in call reports. If the inscription on a foreign language is made on any property, it can form the basis for revision of terms and conditions of contract for use of property.

The state in the Western Europe. In the northeast borders on Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, in the east - with Germany, Switzerland and Italy, in the southeast - with Monaco, in the south - with Spain and Andorra. In the north it is washed by the North Sea, passages Pas de Calaiss and La Manche, in the southeast - Mediterranean sea, in the west - bay of Biscay. France posesses some overseas territories and departments: the French Guiana in the South America; Martinique and Guadeloupe - in West Indies; Reunion - in Indian ocean, and also some archipelagoes in Pacific ocean. The area of the European part of France, including island Corsica in Mediterranean sea, makes 543965 Main physiographic lines of France its natural borders in the east and the south, uplands in a southern part of the central region and extensive plains are. The Alpes and Jura are natural border with Italy and Switzerland. Many tops of the French Alpes are lifted on height more than 4000 m. The mountain Mont Blanc (4807) is the second on height in Europe. The mountains Jura reaching heights about 1700 m, by degrees drop in a direction of a valley of the river Rhone to the Belfortsky hollow.

Climate of France basically moderated, though at the Mediterranean coast it subtropical, and in the east in mountains and on uplands - continental. Centre temperature of January in Paris from 1 ° to 6 ° With, centre temperature of July - from 15 ° to 25 ° With. In Marseilles at the Mediterranean coast from 2 ° With to 10 ° With in January from 17 ° to 29 ° With in July.

Language: French (state), Breton (in Brittany), German dialects (in Alsace and Lorraine). Religion: Catholics - 76 %, Moslems - 5 %, Protestants - 2 %, the Jew - 1 %.

Currency: Euro (EURO), 1 EURO = 100 EURO cent. Notes: 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 euros. Coins: 2 and 1 euros; 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 cents. To change money in France it is better in the centres of cities, paying attention to a rate (it is worse in hotels, the airports and stations with rare exception) and absence of commissions of bank. Trevel-checks to cash very easily at stations and at the airports.

Duty-free importation of cigarettes - 200 pieces, a hard liquor - 1 l is allowed., fault - 2 l., spirits - 50 gramme, cologne - 500 gramme, coffee - 500 gramme, tea - 40 gramme, a foodstuff (fish - 2 kg, calves - 250 gramme, products of an animal origin - 1 kg, new things or a foodstuff for personal consumption. Bar gold importation, in the form of plates and coins - without the permission of bank of the country, illegally produced printed materials is forbidden. At exportation to the obligatory customs control are subject: the weapon, subjects of olden time and art, an item from gold and precious metals. In a case. So that at entry do not forget to declare expensive ornaments that then without problems them to remove. The quantity of imported and removed legal tenders is not limited.

If the thing more expensively 330 US dollars foreigners receive 13 % allowance is purchased. The buyer pays a buying total cost, then in office "Детакс" makes out buying, and money receives in day of flying away at the airport of after sight purchased thing. Museums and the exhibitions: With 1октября 1999 to France (one day in a month) for monuments (except three summer months, from June till September), and since January, 1st, 2000 free entrance has been entered into museums. Thus for teenagers the input is not more senior 18 years remains free all year long. More and more people comes to a museum on free Sundays. Therefore if you wish to reduce children in a museum or to organise excursion in lock Shambor or on a hill the Sene-mishel without detriment to the budget, is better to make it on the first Monday of each month. This day visiting of 33 state museums and hundred monuments of culture in France is free. If you wish to take away your family in Komedi Fransez or in the State theatre Strasbourg, make it on Thursday when all places in a hall are sold on a uniform price.

In France there is variety of hotels. The free information material can be received in France in Association on service of tourists (Syndicat d’lnitiative) or in tourism Office (Offise de Tourisme). Hotels are noted by a hexagon dark blue signboard with white letter Н in the middle. Besides, there are not classified hotels, boarding houses, apartments for tourists and, very rarely, private rooms.

If in the restaurant bill it is not indicated «service compris» to the waiter yield tip at a rate of 5-10 % from service cost. In the same sizes it is accepted to yield tip to the taxi driver. - Hotel Price Comparison


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