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Capital: Athena.

Map of Greece

The Greek peninsula which is in the southeast of Europe, occupies the space of 131.944 sq. km. Greece is possessed in a southern part of Balkan peninsula and on adjoining to it and to coast of Asia Minor islands. Borders on Albania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Turkey. It is washed: Mediterranean, Ionichesky and Egejsky seas. Into composition of Greece enters about thousand islands on which 20 % of all country are necessary almost. The territory of Greece is divided into three parts. Into continental Greece enter: Macedonia - northern area of Greece adjoining on Albania, Bulgaria and the former Yugoslavia (Kastorija, Halkidiki); Thrace - the northeast area adjoining on Bulgaria and Turkey (Aleksandropol, Komotini); Epirus - the northwest area adjoining on Albania (it is washed by Ionian sea); the Central Greece - the central part of Greece (Halkida, Lamija, Amfissa); Attica - area round Athenes. The third area is formed by islands of Aegean sea: Euboea - second-large, after Crete, island of Greece (3,9 thousand in sq. km), connected to continent the bridge; Lesbos - one of large islands of Greece (1,6 thousand in sq. km); Northern Sporades - islands Scyross, Skopelos, Jura, Iliodramija, etc. in a northwest part of Aegean sea; Cyclades - archipelago in the central and southern part of Aegean sea (island Amorgos, Andros, Sifnos, Santorini, Timos, Kitnos, etc.); Southern Sporades - Dodecanese - archipelago from 12 islands in a southeast part of Aegean sea, at coast of Turkey (island Rhodes, Samos, Astipaleja, Kalimnos, Karpatos, Leros, etc.).

The Greek landscape is an alternation rocky, is routine mountains without the wood, densely populated valleys, numerous islands, passages and coils. Picturesque rocks, beaches, exotic grottoes grant huge possibilities for sea tour and mountaineering. The wide circulation of fossil rocks, especially in the western part of the country, has led to formation of karstic funnels, the caves attaching to a landscape original wild shape and involving fans to test the strength in speleology. Hills take almost a quarter of a surface of territory of the country. These are mainly medium-altitude mountains (to 1200-1800). The Peak level of Greece - mountain the Olympus (2917). Above 2000 metres Pindus, Parnassus, a mountain chain in the north of Peloponnese and Tajget are lifted also. Plains a little, they are concentrated in east half of country, except for Peloponnessa where plains prevail at the western coast. Under wood and a bush about 44 % of territory. National паpки: Vikos-Aoos, Mikpa-Ppesna, This and дp. Making walks in mountains, it is necessary to remember that in Greece it is a lot of reptiles (a turtle, a lizard and a snake, among them - a horned viper).

Greece is included into the Mediterranean climatic zone, in the summer here there are not enough rains, but pass strong downpours in the winter. A centre water temperature in the summer - +27С. The most favorable time for a trip to Greece - the end of March - the middle of June or the beginning of September - the end of October.

Official language - Greek. Religion: the Greek orthodox church of 98 %, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Moslems.

Currency: Euro (EURO). Notes: 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 euros. Coins: 2 and 1 euros; 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 cents. Exchange: the Cash currency can be interchanged only in banks or exchange offices. Banks are opened on the working days from Monday till Thursday from 8.00 till, and on Friday from 8.00 till. On target and national holidays banks are closed. Except banks it is possible to use the exchange offices working after a siesta and in the days off. The percent undertakes exchange procedure from 1 % to 2 %.

According to the Greek customs rules all personal things (clothes, tourist equipment, etc.), a foodstuff and drinks in weight to 10 kg, cigarettes - 300 pieces or equal quantity of tobacco, strong spirits - 1,5 l or sweet wines - 2 l are duty-free allowed to importation; playing cards no more than 2 packs (on playing cards, as well as on matches, in Greece the state monopoly is entered).

It is authorised to import the camera and a film, or a videocamera and a film to it; the field-glass, a musical instrument of the small size, audio- and video instrumentation, a bicycle, sports equipment.

Drugs, medicines (except the limited quantity of the drugs ordered by the doctor), antiques, explosives, the weapon are forbidden to importation.

For consultations concerning the specific restrictions, falling into to import and export of animals, plants, and also specific subjects (for example: petards, art items and antiques), it is necessary to address to the Greek embassy, consulate or in the proximate tourist organisation. If you wish to yield tip to waiters - routinely they make 5-10 % from the order sum, but it - exclusively good will of the client. To taxi drivers it is not accepted to keep tip, but for Easter and Christmas all clients are obliged to pay 250 drachmas follow-up. To the porter of hotel yield 150 drachmas for a place. - Hotel Price Comparison


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