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How correctly to choose hotel for rest?

One of the most important components of pleasant rest is the hotel. And from that as you it choose how you will spend the rest depends. That stay in hotel did not become for you torture, it needs to be picked up correctly. It will save up your nerves and will allow to avoid constant quarrels with staff of hotel, guides and tour agency. As correctly to pick up hotel?


At first it is necessary money you will be defined how much intends to spend for hotel and to position for itself a number of requests which are necessary for comfortable residing. Whether you go to have a rest independently, or purchase the permit in tour agency it is necessary to find out following moments:

To concern what category the hotel and how much is residing in number? Like a clear question, but it is necessary to find out it. Often enough hotels offer various allowances in every possible occasions. Numbers can become more expensive or cheaper depending on actions spent in a city (it can be a holiday, a film festival etc.), a season, population of hotel, etc. Therefore even if you know the usual price of number, nevertheless find out cost of numbers for that period in which be going to spend holiday.

How a food in hotel is organised? The large part of hotels in a room rate mortgages a breakfast and in that case there is a designation letters BB. If a food in hotel is organised twice a day it is more narrow a half board and in this case there is designation HB. And at last, if a food three times a day it is a full board designated by letters FB. Also it is frequent enough on beach resorts the system "all inclusive" is used. The breakfast can be covered in the portions (usually it is not rich also with it difficultly to satisfy hunger) or the buffet is covered. For a dinner and a supper or also the buffet is covered with the menu or reserved under the menu.

Internal furniture of number and convenience? Here it will be desirable to find out, what size of number, whether there is a conditioner, whether number is equipped by a minibar and whether there is a cooler, the TV, whether and also if it is necessary for you there is in number a bath or a shower?

Whether the hotel additional services renders? Whether Here it is necessary to find out there are in hotel territory entertaining, sports and others corresponding to yours preferences centres. What of services represented by the centres can be received free and for what it is necessary to pay and how much? Whether Also specify there is in hotel a bar, restaurant and what mode of their work?

The hotel is how much well possessed? "A successful" site of hotel concept especially personal. After all someone wishes to get at once at hotel escaping on an ocean coast, and someone prefers to live in downtown, having access to various entertaining establishments. If you have a rest in the European capitals it is desirable to take an interest as it is close from hotel to be metro station or a stop of land public transport.

How settling is carried out? What distance from the airport or station to hotel? Whether has possibility a receiving party to organise a transfer? How much on time there is a settling and eviction? This point in question is especially important, if you come early in the morning as very often settling in hotels is carried out at midday. But if in hotel there are vacant numbers it is frequent managers of hotel understand a situation and allow to be occupied since morning. The truth it is necessary to consider that for this service from you can sometimes take from 30 to 50 % from a room rate. Same concerns also evictions. If eviction time does not coincide with departure time in the airport or on station specify, whether will allow you to keep things in a hotel left-luggage office, and how much it costs.

Be not afraid to ask questions to workers of tour agencies. To organise your trip - their responsibility. It is necessary to learn to ask questions. But nevertheless, independence too is necessary to you. Before going to holiday acquire a map and well study a place of your rest. For example happens that in resort cities near to good hotels the brisk line or the railway is possessed. For someone it doesn't matter, and such arrangement categorically it not to be pleasant to someone. Also it is possible that in the hotel location at present there is a scale building. Happens, as in the hotel can repair number in the neighbourhood from yours. Thus frequently hotels are compelled to hand over numbers for cut-rate prices, and tour agencies use it, granting favourable numbers, but about building behind a window which goes all the day long, or about a building site directly in hotel, "forget" to report. Therefore, do not hesitate, and directly ask, whether there is no such "ambush".

Many citizens going on rest are afraid to lean against advertising brochures and explanatories of workers of travel agencies which show the goods in the best possible way. In this case take an interest in recalls of people already visited there where you only are going. For this purpose address to diverse sites and forums devoted to tourism. But reading recalls it is necessary to be attentive as it is frequent enough the people who had a rest in the same hotel, to one and too time is written by absolutely various opinions. Therefore having analysed all information on hotel which you have learnt from various sources you, undoubtedly, will find that is necessary for you for high-grade rest. - Hotel Price Comparison


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